CH Poquito's Tiara De
While Tiara was not our
first vizsla, she is the
foundation bitch for our
breeding program.This
picture was taken in
Sedona Arizona in 2004.
CH Poquito's Regal
Point Rubi Tiara JH,
Rubi is shown here,
finishing her
championship at 11
months.  She is a
Tiara daughter.
Both Tiara and Rubi
were bred by
Maria Zucconi of
Poquito Vizslas in
Las Cruces, NM
Vizsla owners since 1981, handlers since 1995. Our
vizlsas compete in conformation, hunting, obedience
and agility.  
Our site will introduce you to our dogs. Through them you
will also learn a little about us and things we value.  We also
want to give credit to the people who have helped us along
the way.  We have made many friends through our vizslas!
Thanks to:
Steve and Karen Carnahan -
Zenith Vizslas and Cayenne
Harold and Maria Zucconi -
Poquito Vizslas
Gerald and Judy Richey - Everwhen Vizslas
Donna Verdon - Daydreamer Creation
and the many other friends along the way who have helped
with training, advice and by sometimes just being there
when we needed you.
We have other CRITTERS, too!!  Meet some of
them by clicking the image below!
Stephen and Debbie Sullivan
Christmas 2004
All of the Sullivans
(at the time)
Charlie & Carmen, Heather, Rubi & Debbie, Tiara & Stephen

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Last Updated on October 13th, 2012

CH Poquito Regalpoint Rubi
Tiara, JH,NAJ,RN
Dam of the 2011
Vizsla Club of America National
Speciality Show Winner!!

BIG NEWS!!!!!!

NBISS, MBISS, GCH Regal Point Pinnacle of  Kilauea
Wins the Vizsla Club of America National Specialty Show
in Denver , CO on Sept. 22, 2011!!!
We are honored and humbled to have bred such a lovely
Thank you Breeder/Judge, Linda Kelly, for choosing Mason!!
Thank you, Debbie Verret and Susan Rushing for letting him
shine and Karen Newman for handling him in style!!