Nikki's Hippie Litter
The Nikki x Kato Litter
Jan. 12, 2011
One day old
3 boys, 2 girls
Week One
Cuddling with mom

Nikki and Kato's
came into the world on
by c-section after
Doppler picked up
signs of a pup in
distress.  Fortunately,
all of the puppies and
Nikki made it through
the ordeal safe and

Purple/Yellow Boy- 15oz
Green Boy- 14oz
Lt. Blue Boy- 14.5oz
Rainbow Girl- 14.5oz
Pastel Girl- 12.5oz

Early Neurological
exercises indicate a
pretty laid back
for a bunch of

The puppies eyes
have started to
open and they are
starting to respond
to sounds. Their
sense of smell is
still acute and if
Nikki gets anywhere
nearby they become
restless for her.

At week three the
puppies are learning
to walk and play.

Week Four the
puppies started
eating solid food.
They are
outgrowing thier
whelping box and
will soon move to a
bigger "play room".

They are starting to
be more mobile and
are ready to explore
the great outdoors!

During Week Five
the puppies are
being exposed to
many new
experiences. They
have had many
visitors of all ages.

They are each
developing distinct
personalities. All in
all a very confident,
bold and happy


The puppies are 46
days old. They have
had their
evaluations today
and an early look at
structure. In another
week and a half we
will have a glimpse
into what they will
be as adults.
Week Two
Week Three
Week Five
Tired puppies are good
Week Four
Six and a half weeks stacked during evaluation
Yellow Boy
Blue Boy
Green Boy
Rainbow Girl
Pink Girl