Introducing "The Dare Litter"
Dec. 6,2010
Week One
Week Two

Rubi and Owe'n's
Dec. 6th, 2010

10:46PM-Blue Boy-13.5oz"Navy"
11:10PM-Red Girl-11.5oz"Eve"
11:43PM-Pink Girl-10.5oz"Pearl"
12:09AM-Yellow Boy-14.5oz"Arizona"
12:28AM-Orange Boy-12.5oz"Tora"
1:05AM-Purple Boy-13oz"Sailor"
1:19AM-Lt.Blue Boy-14.5oz-"Nipper"

A very easy whelp
and a consistent
litter in size, color
and health. Tails
docked and
dewclaws removed
on day 2.
From day 3-16
puppies undergo
Early Neurological
Eyes and ears are
opening and pups
are becoming more
agile. Pink Girl is the
first to open her eyes.
Rubi and Owe'n's Darling Darelings
Week Three
Week Four

It was a Big Week
for the Darling
Dareling Litter!
They moved out of
the whelping box
and into an ex-pen
play yard.
They also were
introduced to their
first solid food this
week. They have
taken to both very
well. They are
starting to learn
how to use the
doggie door to
access the play
yard outside for
sunny romps.

On Sat. Jan. 22,
just shy of
7 weeks old,
the puppies were
evaluated by
Melinda Giles in
Crosby, TX. She
evaluated their
temperaments and
their structure.
While each puppy
is unique the litter
overall was very
uniform. We will
review structure
again at 8 weeks to
be certain of what
we have. It is hard
to believe they will
joining their new
families in two
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8