Sir Duke of Regal Point
1995 ? -11/19/2010
I hope you are waiting for me..........

Duke came to us
through the TGCVC
Rescue Program
in  August of '08 after
being picked up in
Austin by JoAnn Wolf
from his family who,
because they were
moving, planned to
take him to the pound
after having him for
12 and a half years!
He was being
fostered by Don &
Cheryl Etheridge of  
Lindale, TX.
He lived with us here
in Orange, TX until he
was 15 years old.
He loved his harem of
 4 redheaded vizsla
He spent lots of time
chasing squirrels all
over our property.
He also loved to swim
in our pond as you
can see.
Duke made his debut
at the Vizsla Club of
America's National
Specialty Show in
Tucson, AZ  in
November of '08
by taking a nice long
wizz in the ring during
the Parade of
Rescues. Here he is
on Veteran's Day.
He looked very
handsome in his red,
white and blue!

Here is Duke just
hanging out in the
back yard with his
froggy toy.
This is how I will
remember him.
Duke loves to stay cool in our pond.
Duke's VCA National Event Debut
Duke was still playful at 14 and a half years old.