Litter Page
All Regal Point Vizsla Puppies will go home
with a contract that spells out the expectations
for the care and training of the puppy for it's life.
You can preview samples of the two types of
contracts below by clicking on the link.
The main difference between the two types of
contracts is that puppies sold as show dogs
full registration and puppies sold as
pets are sold on
limited registration.

Limited registration allows you to do everything
with your vizsla puppy that the show puppies
can do except compete at conformation shows.

It also means that no offspring from these
dogs may be registered with AKC.
Puppies sold as pets are sold on a
spay / neuter contract to ensure that
only  those vizslas who conform to the
Vizsla Club of America's breed standard and
are recognized by AKC to be Champions
of their breed may produce puppies.

This is to preserve the integrity of the breed and
to reduce the number of vizslas that end up in
rescue programs.
Rubi and Nikki are within days of delivery.
August 10, 2009
Rubi is helping Nikki nurse her puppies.
Regular Unleaded or Super?!?!