Stephen's Critters
More Critters
Stephen has a nice herd of
Boer Goats that truly
makes our place a farm.  
We have a billy and 7
does. Stephen has been
successful at bringing a
few kids into the picture as
meat goats, as pets and to
people who are starting
their own herds. Each goat
has a unique personality
and they all have names!

In addition to the goats we
keep a couple of ewes. We
did our best to keep a ram,
but after he rammed a few
too many fences, we
decided to stick with ewes
and let someone else deal
with the rams!
We don't sell the wool, but
we have sold a few lambs
to kids who want to show
for 4-H.

It is very peaceful to see
them all grazing in the
Debbie's Panther Chameleons