Intl.Ch., CH Poquito's Regal Point Rubi Tiara JH,
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Breed Wins with very limited
She completed her AKC
Championship at 11months
old in Houston at the Reliant
Park World Series of Dog
Shows in July of 2005.
She received an Award of
Merit at the 2005 VCA
National Events in
Bakersville, CA.
Rubi and her sister Capri
were shown with their
mother, Tiara, and won Best
Brood Bitch for Tiara at the
2005 National Specialty
Show as well.

While Rubi is beautiful and
has done well in the show
ring it is not her passion....

The field is where Rubi
truly shines!!!
Rubi, a beautiful girl with natural instinct that is a dream to live with.
Miss Roo-Roo as a puppy!!  Too cute!!!
Rubi completes her Championship at 11 months with a five point
major at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas
Stephen and Rubi in South Dakota shortly after Rubi
retrieves a wild pheasant she pointed and Stephen shot for
Rubi and our daughter Heather.